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This course trains you to provide excellent in-home care for clients. You'll learn to communicate effectively, understand diverse client needs, and gain knowledge of nutrition, housekeeping,


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  • Introduction to Home Care
  • Communication, Care, and Client Advocacy
  • Caring for Older Adults
  • Pediatric Home Care
  • Supporting Clients with Mental Health Conditions
  • Working with Clients with Developmental Disabilities
  • Working with Clients with Physical Disabilities
  • Nutrition for Home Care
  • Financial Management for Home Care Clients
  • Home Management and Housekeeping
  • Home Safety and First Aid
  • Personal Care Skills


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Introduction to Home Care 0 lectures


  • Understanding of English
  • Interest in Healthcare and Personal Care


This course will teach you everything you need to know to be a great Home Health Caregiver/ Home Health Aide or Personal Care Aide!


Module 1: Introduction to Home Care

Learn about home care - how it started, how it works today, and the different helpers on a home care team. You'll especially focus on what you'll do as a Home Health Aide/Personal Care Aide.


Module 2: Communication, Care, and Client Advocacy

This module is about understanding your clients' needs. You'll learn about their physical and mental health, considering their culture too. You'll also develop good communication skills to talk with and help your clients. You'll learn how to keep good records and how to spot signs of abuse so you can keep your clients safe.


Module 3: Caring for Older Adults

We'll explore how people view aging and how it can affect older adults. You'll learn about the physical and mental changes that come with aging so you can better support your clients. You'll also develop strategies to meet the specific needs of older adults who receive home care.


Module 4: Pediatric Home Care

Get ready for a fun adventure! This module will teach you about how children grow and develop, from babies to teenagers, focusing on both their bodies and minds. You'll learn ways to help children cope with stress and develop healthy ways to manage it while they receive home care.

Module 5: Supporting Clients with Mental Health Conditions

This module will give you a strong understanding of mental health and mental illness. You'll learn about specific conditions like anxiety, depression, and schizophrenia. You'll also learn how to support and empower clients who are living with mental health challenges.


Module 6: Working with Clients with Developmental Disabilities

You'll learn what developmental disabilities are, what causes them, and how they can affect someone's life. You'll gain knowledge about specific conditions like intellectual disabilities and autism. The module will focus on how to develop strategies to support and help people with developmental disabilities be more independent.


Module 7: Working with Clients with Physical Disabilities

This module will define physical disabilities and explore their different causes. You'll learn the difference between physical and developmental disabilities. You'll also understand the tools and adaptations people with physical disabilities might use in daily life. You'll develop strategies to support and empower clients with physical disabilities to maintain their independence.


Module 8: Nutrition for Home Care

Discover the building blocks of good health - why we need important nutrients like carbohydrates, protein, and fats. You'll learn how to plan balanced and healthy meals using a tool like MyPlate. You'll also gain knowledge about various special diets for clients and learn safe ways to handle and prepare food to keep your clients healthy.


Module 9: Financial Management for Home Care Clients

Develop the skills to help clients manage their money wisely. You'll learn how to create budgets, track expenses, and find ways to save money on groceries, household items, and energy bills.


Module 10: Home Management and Housekeeping

Learn how to move your body safely while doing housework to avoid injuries. You'll develop strategies for making to-do lists and prioritizing tasks to manage a home efficiently. You'll explore different cleaning products and their best uses for various areas of the home. You'll master essential cleaning skills for each room and learn proper laundry care to keep your clients' belongings in good shape.


Module 11: Home Safety and First Aid

Identify common dangers in the home that can cause injuries like falls, burns, cuts, poisoning, choking, and fires. You'll learn preventative strategies to create a safe home environment for your clients. You'll gain basic first aid knowledge and skills to handle common injuries effectively, and understand how to respond to medical emergencies.


Module 12: Personal Care Skills

This module teaches you how to stop the spread of germs to keep yourself and your clients healthy. You'll master essential personal care skills like bathing, hygiene, dressing, and grooming. You'll learn how to assist clients with eating, using the toilet, moving around, and taking medications. You'll also gain knowledge about infant care, including safe handling, feeding, and bathing techniques.


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